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Leaders are admired most when they exemplify strong character, depth of integrity, and a heart for others. This is the essence of my longtime friend Bill Pollard—a man who takes seriously the privilege and responsibility of authentic leadership.


The Tides of Life explores a framework for life that reflects who we are, where we are going and the significance of being created with this special gift of choice. As we exercise this gift, we determine the person we are becoming, our relationship with others, the effectiveness of our work, and our ability to serve as we lead. The gift of choice carries with it the awesome responsibility to make the right choices. As in sailing, there are forces in life that we may feel but cannot see or control and that will influence the effectiveness of our choices. The question for every person to answer is whether there is room for God in navigating these choices of life.

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What other leaders are saying about The Tides of Life

The Tides of Life is a written version of some of the things I learned from Bill Pollard as we worked together at Wheaton College, the value of which is marked by how often I find myself passing Bill’s insights on to others. I highly recommend giving this book a close reading.”

—Duane Litfin, President Emeritus, Wheaton College

“This book is vintage Bill Pollard—full of intellectual challenge and ideas, affirming a strong faith yet not dogmatic, based on a lifetime of integrating faith and business while practicing servant leadership. A must for anyone in business.”

—Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

“Bill has done a masterful job of translating the lessons he has learned in a lifetime of leadership in a manner that is easily understood and is actionable by any reader. The warm, personal stories of his life’s journey, woven together as vivid pictures of leadership principles, make it real.”

—Don Soderquist, Former COO and Senior Vice Chairman, Walmart Stores, Inc.; Founder, The Soderquist Center for Leadership & Ethics


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Bill Pollard is Chairman of Fairwyn Investment Company, a private investment firm. From 1977 to 2002, Bill served twice as Chief Executive Officer of The ServiceMaster Company. He also served as Chairman of the Board of ServiceMaster, as well as serving on the boards of many charitable, religious, healthcare and educational organizations. Mr. Pollard is the author of the best selling book, The Soul of the Firm, and other books, articles, and publications sharing his experience, insights, and wisdom on leadership.

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