How to use The Tides of Life

Enjoy coffee with a colleague. Work your way through these relevant chapters with a business colleague. You can meet regularly for lunch or coffee, and reflect together on what you have read.

Share all or part of The Tides of Life with your management team. Each of the insightful chapters contains useful questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

The Tides of Life provides excellent content to help people in leadership roles grapple with the kinds of issues they face on the job from a practical, biblically-informed perspective.

The comprehensive Index offers opportunity to look up all the references to more than 100 subjects.  Readers can easily explore everything Bill Pollard has to say in the book about such broad subjects as 'leadership,' 'work,' 'profit,' and much more.

Use the Notes section to find cross-references to scores of additional books and articles on a wide variety of topics.

Business small groups will appreciate The Tides of Life as both an informative resource and a ministry tool to address the broad range of issues related to integrating faith and the corporate culture.

Business students will find time-tested guidance and insight into the real-life ethical dilemmas of integrating faith and work.