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Soul of the Firm

The Soul of the Firm

In this provocative book, ServiceMaster Chairman Emeritus and former CEO C. William Pollard explains the reason behind the enormous growth and success of ServiceMaster: its commitment to honor God and the development of its people. Based on his years of service, Pollard uses examples from ServiceMaster to show leaders how to turn the workplace into a vibrant environment for a successful business.

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Serving Two Masters?Serving Two Masters?

Serving Two Masters? provides practical insight and sound advice for anyone who has wrestled with the integration of faith and work. In 51 short essays, Bill Pollard challenges us to do far better than “balance” or “juggle” our personal, spiritual, and business imperatives. He shows us how they come together in a powerful sense of purpose.

Drawn from Pollard’s more than 25 years of executive experience with ServiceMaster, the reflections in Serving Two Masters? show us how—despite contrary belief—faith belongs in business, God and profit have a lot in common, and the bottom line shouldn’t be a business’s sole reason for being. In Serving Two Masters? the best-selling author of The Soul of the Firm shows that principles of faith and smart business practices are not mutually exclusive and that combining the two can actually lead to extraordinary success.

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The Heart of a Business EthicThe Heart of A Business Ethic

An edited collection of profound and inspiring lectures from a distinguished group of top scholars, gurus and practitioners in the field of business leadership. Compiled by C. William Pollard, this powerful publication also includes Pollard´s insightful commentary on each lecture.

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